Equipping the next generation of Black executives, artists and their communities within the UK Music Industry

The Black Music Coalition (BMC) which was formed in June 2020, has been working since its creation to eradicate structural and systemic racism in the UK music industry; the Resource Pack has been created as part of our mission to protect, promote and advance the interests and well-being of Black professionals within the Industry in line with our manifesto, as well as provide access to further opportunities for them.

Black out Tuesday in 2020 was a global ‘moment’ which saw individuals and companies alike proclaiming in solidarity with...

Black people worldwide, that they stood against anti-Black racism and racial inequality, in the music industry and beyond, and that they were listening and learning on the issues of anti-Black racism and structural inequality.

The BMC compiled this resource with that moment and response in mind. The BMC is of the view that a holistic approach has to be taken to tackling racial inequality and racism which we have found is not just committed by individuals, but is also built into systems and ways of working, and into attitudes and business cultures; anti-racism is therefore an action not merely a stance, individuals and companies must take action to both eradicate racism and also redress the resulting historical imbalance which is evident in the industry and its practices in order for real and long-term change to be achieved.

The Resource Pack itself is a growing list of businesses, charitable and community organisations, and opportunities (primarily though not exclusively based in the UK), which can be used by individuals or organisations to begin to advance change in their workspaces and organisations.

The organisations are divided into areas including:

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• Charities & Community Projects
• Career Development & Additional Coaching Professional Therapists
• Unconscious bias & Anti-racism training
• Equality and Diversity training
• Opportunity and Outreach

Our resource pack is essentially a tool to assist those organisations who are committed to fostering a change of culture and attitude toward the issues of race and racial inequality and want to be actively anti-racist, and to promote real inclusion, actual diversity and tangible equity in the workplace and beyond.

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