General Membership

We recognise that Black executives and staff have a range of needs not limited to but sometimes affected by their professional work, therefore General Membership offers a growing range of tailored benefits such as discounted therapy access, financial advice experts, careers coaching, which can be accessed and enjoyed by our Black members. As well as free or discounted access to all of our events, including those curated and tailored specifically for Black executives and staff working in the music industry.

Associate Membership

This membership will also allow free or discounted access to many of our professional and social events which will create opportunities for you to meet and build professional and social connections with your peers and contemporaries outside of the confines of your buildings or workspaces, or hear from experts in the industry.

Associate/Ally membership also means you can add your voice, view and involvement to our growing community voice of music executives, and will be kept up to date with BMC developments.  

Subscription fees for General or Associate/ Ally membership fees are determined based on an individual’s seniority, and the pricing is the same for General and Associate membership. 

Annual subscription fees range from £25 per annum to £70 per annum.

We determine seniority based on a combination of the following factors: 

Time working in the music industry // Current salary // Level and/or Job title. 

All membership subscription fees enable the BMC to continue to provide support services to all our members and helps sustain our work to eliminate racial bias in the industry and promote equitable and ethical standards which are for the betterment of the music industry long-term.