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Qube is the world’s first members-only studio for content creators. They provide the space, facilities and network needed to create high-quality content effortlessly. A home for a new generation of creator.

Home to over 60 purpose-built studios across 2 sites, Qube's members share by-the-hour access to world class facilities across music, podcast, media and film amidst a community of inspired creators.

Qube's founders met in a dingy studio basement back in 2017. At the time, Amin Hamzianpour and Nicholas Sonuga were both pursuing careers as producers and songwriters. In-between countless hours of bouncing stems and writing melodies, they cultivated a friendship chatting away in a cramped kitchen about their struggles to find the perfect snare sample.

During this period, they started exploring an alternative way of working. One that offered real solutions to the challenges they were both facing.

As creatives, we often feel isolated and even introverts benefit from a little comradery between flow states. So they set out to build a community of like-minded creators, those that would gain from an inspiring and collaborative place to forge their life’s work.

Follow Qube:

Email: hello@theqube.com

Qube Member Offerings

⁃ A discounted membership offer made available to BMC members
⁃ 50% off for the first 3 months to Minimum 12 month commitment
⁃ A pre agreed value of credit which can be used to book studios is to be applied to BMC member accounts upon sign up
⁃ 100 gifted credits for BMC members upon joining Qube
⁃ All applications are subject to approval criteria

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The MMF are the world’s largest professional community of music managers.

Since its inception in 1992, the MMF has worked hard to educate, inform and represent UK managers as well as offering a network through which managers can share experiences, opportunities and information.

The MMF's membership stands at over 1500 managers based in the UK with global businesses and a wider network of over 2700 managers globally.

The MMF's core purpose is to:

● Educate: They support managers’ continuous professional development within an evolving music industry.
● Innovate: They create and highlight opportunities to develop and grow artist businesses.
● Advocate: They provide a collective voice and leadership to affect change for a transparent and fairer music industry for artists and their fans.

The MMF engages, advises and lobbies industry associates and wider industry on issues that are relevant to managers. They continue to recruit members and grow their network so they are truly representative of the wider management community.

The MMF is a founding member of UK Music, the European Music Managers Alliance (EMMA), the Council of Music Makers (CMM) and Live Music Industry Venues & Entertainment (LIVE).

Follow the MMF:

Email: manasvi@themmf.net

MMF Member Offering 

⁃ 15% off of all MMF training to all BMC members